Your Local Trails: A Big Community Assett

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

The City of Orinda, California has an award winning trail system that promotes non-motorized transportation in the community. If you are not familiar with these biking/hiking trails here is an overview.

The de Laveaga Trail begins right downtown and it connects with regional trails. The East Bay Municipal Utilities (EBMUD) trail which is at Wagner Ranch,  connects to the American Discovery Trail. At Bates Boulevard and Davis Drive, you will find the trailhead for the St. Stephen’s pedestrian and bicycle trail. The St. Stephen’s Trail links with the East Bay Regional Park Trail system, and lies next to the east-bound lanes of Highway 24 all the way to St. Stephen’s Drive. The trail goes on to connect the community to the Lafayette Reservoir.

 East Bay Municipal Utilities has roughly 27,000 acres of property in the East Bay hills. The acreage includes a total of about 50 miles trails. EBMUD also operates the San Pablo Dam Recreation Area which not only includes hiking trails but also a variety of other recreational amenities.

Our community also boasts of the Wilder Trail System which can be used to explore regional public parks and the valley.

The Lamorinda Trail Council is responsible for the promotion of the trails. If you would like to know more information regarding our trails or to request trail maps, call (925) 254-7341.

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