Walnut Creek

About Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek has exceptional balance: Open space, residential areas, an active business and commercial community, parks, entertainment, and recreation. No age group dominates. It is a comfortable city with apartment complexes, condominiums, single family dwellings, and multi-acre ranch estates.

Senior Citizens can find housing close to Walnut Creek’s downtown and their community center offers a great many activities. Rossmoor, Northern California’s largest community for people fifty-five and older, boasts a population of over eight thousand in its beautiful secluded valley.

Representative officers of large national corporations exist beside local professionals and retail businesses in downtown. Business areas are distinct from residential areas, yet close enough for convenient shopping, commuting, dining, and entertainment.

Massive Mt. Diablo dominates the local landscape. It’s lovely grassy slopes and the other undeveloped ridges that help separate the city from surrounding communities are eloquent inspiration for Walnut Creek’s long standing commitment to open space. In fact, the city’s 2,500 acres of open space may be the most per capita for any urban community in the United States.

In 1989, Walnut Creek was the first California Community to receive the National Conference of Mayors’ City Livability Award for a city less the 100,000. Livable is an apt description for Walnut Creek, where residents and visitors can take advantage of so many amenities.

Early risers breakfast in cafes and coffee shops where they chat with regulars or network with business associates. Shoppers can choose from numerous downtown shops, boutiques, and department stores at Broadway Plaza, or Plaza Escuela, Arron Brothers, World Market, and more than a dozen other stores, Whole Foods and other convenient neighborhood shopping centers, are also abundant

When you tire of Shopping, Walnut Creek offers over one hundred restaurants of almost any style of food imaginable.

Local outdoor enthusiasts have a wide choice of trails and open spaces where they can jog, bicycle, hike, or even ride horses. The climate, generally warm and comfortable, allows people to get out and enjoy Walnut Creek almost any time of year.

Years ago, Walnut Creek made a commitment to provide the kinds of activities and services that would benefit the entire community. Today, tennis, swimming, softball, and other sports are available at municipal parks. Extensive educational programs provide continuing education for both adults and children. Yet the city provides these amenities in such a way that much of it pays for itself through fees, volunteerism, and careful planning.

Excellent educational programs in public and private schools, plus diverse recreational opportunities, reflect a strong commitment to the youth of the community. The Regional Center for the Arts, completed in 1991, enriches the community with concerts, dance and dramatic productions. The Lindsay Museum has a modern facility where it will continue to care for injured and sick wildlife and educate the community about their splendid natural surroundings. Joining the Lindsay Museum in their concern for animals is the Animal Rescue Foundation in Shade-land’s Business Park.

For those who need more variety, San Francisco or the world famous Napa Valley wine region are less than an hour away. Just a couple of hours drive to the east, spectacular Lake Tahoe and the historic gold country in the Sierra Foothills, offer still more recreational diversion, as well as some of the most beautiful scenery found in the country.