Keeping Kids Safe This Summer

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Children have a lot more free time in the summer, which can mean they could get into more trouble, and possibly get hurt. Keeping these summer safety tips in mind can ensure that the kids stay safe this summer.

Bug safety

  • Do not use scented soaps or sprays on your children.
  • Avoid areas where insects congregate, such as stagnant pools of water or around uncovered food.
  • Make sure to use bug repellant with DEET.

Playground safety

  • Do not allow children to play barefoot in the playground.
  • Check for any exposed screws or bolts that could injure a child.
  • Make sure slides are cool to prevent any burns.
  • Never let your child play on a playground unsupervised.

All-terrain vehicle safety

  • Children should always wear a helmet when riding an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Never allow children without a proper driver’s license to operate an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Make sure all-terrain vehicles have the proper flags and reflectors.

For more information about children summer safety in your local community, contact Contra Costa. They can answer all of your questions all about the Orinda, California area.