Choosing The Right Summer Camp

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Summer Camp Tips

Summer is getting closer and closer each day, which means the window to find the perfect summer camp for your kids is getting shorter and shorter. To ensure that you find the perfect summer camp where your children can make memories that will last them a lifetime, make sure to consider these factors.

  • Special interests – there are summer camps that can cater to just about any special interest that your child has. From sports and art, to band and technology, a little research can lead you to the perfect camp that your children will love. If your child is part of any clubs that already cater to their special interests, ask other parents for recommendations on camps where they send their kids.
  • Location – if your child does not want to go to a sleep-away camp that is in a different state, make sure to consider the location of day camps. Choosing a camp that is far away can add hours to your daily commute, and make it much harder to get to your child in case of an emergency.
  • Price – summer camps can easily cost thousands of dollars for the whole summer. When looking for the right camp, make sure to seriously consider the price. Many camps also offer early bird specials if you book before the summer rush, which can help to keep the cost of the camp low.
  • Legacy – if you have hundreds of stories from your favorite summer camp, consider sending your child there. The link of generations can help to make the experience for your child even stronger.

No matter which summer camp that you choose for your child, make sure to take the time to research the camp to ensure all the staff is properly trained.

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