Stay Cool This Summer With These Tips

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Cool Summer Tips To Remember

The hot summer temperatures are finally here! While this may be a welcome change from the chilly winter and spring temperatures, it can also be very dangerous. Keep these tips in mind to help beat the heat throughout Contra Costa County this season.

  • Think of something else – studies have shown that if you think about how hot it is, you will feel much hotter. Instead, focus on something else, and try not to check the temperature while you are out.
  • Make your own ice – if you are headed out for a picnic or to spend some time by the pool, an ice chest full of cold drinks can help you enjoy the event even more. Instead of buying bags of ice, keep empty milk cartons and fill them full of water and freeze. The square shape will also make it much easier to fit them into the ice chest easier.
  • Keep hydrated – while drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated, it is not the only way. Even though fruit juices also contain a lot of sugar, they can also help to ensure that you are hydrated. Also look for fruits and vegetables that are full of water, such as celery, watermelon, and grapes.
  • Beat the bugs – warmer weather means more bugs. Not only can bug bites be irritating, but bugs can also carry dangerous diseases. Use a bug spray that contains DEET, since they are the most effective in preventing bug bites. Also, set up citronella candles and bug traps to keep your family safe.
  • Stay cool while you sleep – there are different products that are available, such as the Chillow, which is a freezable pillow to keep you cool. You can also put your sheets in the fridge before you jump into bed to help stay cool throughout the night.

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