Pleasant Hill

About Pleasant Hill

The attractive community of Pleasant Hill has grown to nearly 33,000 residents since its  incorporation in 1961. Since 2000 when it opened its new downtown, Pleasant Hill has  developed a sense of identity and a strong financial base. The downtown area near the city  hall and it’s lake, is part of a redevelopment project that has become a pedestrian jewel for  residents and visitors alike.

Located in the central part of Contra Costa County alongside Interstate 680, Pleasant Hill  has a nearby BART station and extensive County Connection bus lines to serve both  residents and commuters. Primarily a bedroom community, the city has a mix of new  developments and older neighborhoods. Pleasant Hill is especially proud to be the home  of the county’s main central library as well as the home to Diablo Valley College, one of  the leading state community colleges, and John F. Kennedy University, a multi-disciplinary  college with a law school and other professional schools. The city’s schools are served by  the Mt.Diablo Unified School District.

And only a few steps from busy city streets in Pleasant Hill is an entirely different world,  a network of beautiful regional trails for jogging, hiking, bicycling, skating and horseback  riding with many of these trails passing through the heart of the city. These trails allow the  user a chance to enjoy a leisurely, rural pace while experiencing beautiful trails in fresh  air and landscaped surroundings with some trails providing sweeping vistas of the nearby  mountains and Mt.Diablo.

The creation of the new Pleasant Hill Downtown has dramatically improved the quality  of life of the community. Nearly 50 new businesses have opened, including a Century 16  movie complex, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels’ and many small specialty  shops and restaurants. More than 700 net additional new jobs have been created. In  addition to the positive fiscal impacts on the city, the project has eliminated physical blight  that not only impaired the appearance of the area but of the self image of the community.  Creation of the downtown has improved the image of the community throughout the region  and has fostered a renewed sense of pride for the residents of the city.

Because the area has been so well received the flow of pedestrian traffic enhances and  contributes to the small city main street environment. During the warm spring and summer  months, the parking lot at City Hall is transformed into a market place with the local farmers’  market being held. The City also hosts a free outdoor summer concert series where many  residents of the city and surrounding communities come to sit on the lawn area around the  lake at City Hall and listen to a variety of live bands each week.

School scores are generally in the 80th and 90th percentiles, the top twenty percent in  the state. It is served by the Mount Diablo Unified School District. It is the home of Diablo  Valley College, which perennially leads state community colleges in transfers to four year  universities and as a result gets high marks for academics.

The commute has been aided by recent improvements and expansion of Interstate 680.  Pleasant Hill is close to two BART Stations, and its back roads allow access to the  freeway from a variety of points.

Pleasant Hill weather is best described as balmy. Pleasant Hill is about five miles as the  Sea Gull flies from Carquinez Strait. In winter when tule fog flows out of the Strait, the inland  cities catch some of the fog, but not as much as the river towns. In the summer, breezes  from the Strait soften the heat.

Much of Pleasant Hill offers views of Mount Diablo and rolling hills. The homes are  comfortable and well maintained, if not generally fancy or showy. Most of the streets  have mature trees and well maintained lawns. In short, a very nice suburbia.

When Pleasant Hill was a farm community a canal was built through the town for irrigation.  Today, rain or shine, people take to the paved canal trail to jog, stroll or ride bikes. Pleasant  Hill is bordered on one side by a large recreational park, served by a taxing district  concerned only with parks and recreation. The city contains eleven parks with many  activities for children and adults. Diablo Valley College attracts many people interested in  swimming, exercising, artistic pursuits, as well as job training and retraining. Restaurants, movies, plays, musicals, symphonies, art exhibits, farmers’ markets — Pleasant  Hill has them or they are within a ten minute drive. It also has a popular YMCA and one of  the few bridge centers in the East Bay Area. Contra Costa County’s largest library is located  in Pleasant Hill.