6 Summer Safety Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, it is important that we take the necessary safety precautions to keep our furry family members safe. Keep these 6 helpful tips in mind to keep your pooch safe:

  1. NEVER leave your dog in a car during the summer, even if you have cracked a window.
  2. Despite common disbelief, dogs can sunburn too! Therefore, apply a pet or baby waterproof sunscreen, and cover all the stubborn areas.
  3. Remember that the ground triples in temperature as it heats up. If you could not walk barefoot, then either can your pup. Stick to walking your dog in the morning and at night.
  4. Provide your dog with unrestricted access to fresh, cool water.
  5. Pest infestation peaks during the summer months, therefore, be sure to give your dog the necessary preventatives to keep them safe.
  6. While your dog may love swimming, it is important that you do not let them get in the habit of drinking the chlorine water. Chlorine can irritate both the dog’s skin and stomach, so be sure to give them a good cleansing after they swim.

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