Outstanding Wineries and Great Picnic Places in Contra Costa, California

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Contra Costa is gaining in popularity when it comes to wineries. There is the Sterling Albert Winery, the Four Fools Winery, and Viano Winery; all which are ideal places to set up a picnic lunch while enjoying a glass of wine.


Sterling Albert Winery

The wines found at Sterling Albert are highly regarded as being refined, with special requests for the 2013 Sterling Albert Alexander Valley chardonnay. This wine is creamy and a favorite among wine tasters.


Four Fools Winery

Four Fools is Rodeo’s first winery and its location on the rustic waterfront provides a unique wine tasting experience. There is a growing volume of wine choices that currently includes 600 cases of various wines. The Queen’s Revenge cabernet sauvignon comes highly recommended as does the Harlequin chardonnay.  Four Fools is expected to thrive as more wine enthusiasts join the bandwagon and spread the word.


Viano Winery

Viano Vineyard was planted back in 1888 and boasts that some of those original vines are still there. Viano is a local favorite among wineries with their free standard tasting of three whites and three reds. Price is one dollar for each tasting of Viano’s reserved wines which promise to delight the senses.


Taking a trip through wine country and setting up a picnic lunch can be a lovely way to pass the time with friends or as a couple. These wineries are all wonderful places to spread a blanket and open a picnic basket. Sharing a glass of wine surrounded by beautiful scenery on a warm summer day … life doesn’t get better than this.


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