Keep Your Identity Safe This Holiday Season

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Tips to Avoid Identity Theft This Season

If you are like millions of Americans this holiday season, you may be skipping out on the mall to do all of your holiday gift shopping online. While shopping online allows you to miss all of the crowds, it can also open the door for identity theft. Keep these holiday identity safety tips in mind to ensure that your holiday is not ruined by an identity thief.

  • Keep some secrets – only put in the minimum amount of personal information necessary when online shopping. Be wary of any questions that do not seem as if they are related to your purchase. The more you keep secret, the less likely identity thieves will steal your identity.
  • Avoid contests – many pop-up ads that promise a big win have malware embedded that will attack your private computer files. Turn on your pop-up blocker and exit out of any windows that seem too good to be true.
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi – free, public Wi-Fi makes it much easier for thieves to steal your identity. Only put in your personal information when you are connected to private, secure networks.
  • Read all the privacy policies – get out your glasses and spend time reading over all of the privacy policies on every website you visit. Avoid companies that share your information with third-party marketers.
  • Check the URL – when you are putting in your personal information, make sure that the URL includes “https” since the extra “s” means that it is a secure website. Never put your information into a website that does not include the “s.”

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