Simple Ways to Prevent Allergies This Holiday Season

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Holiday Allergy Prevention Tips

With the holidays right around the corner, you may find yourself reaching for the tissue box. Although all of your favorite holiday decorations can make your home look and feel festive, they also cause serious allergy problems. Keep these holiday allergy prevention tips in mind to ensure that you do not spend your holiday season sniffling and sneezing.

  • Blow out the candles – even though festive smelling holiday candles can give your home a warm feeling, they can also seriously bother allergies. If you like the look of candles in your house, look for unscented candles or battery operated ones.
  • Choose the right cleaning products – harsh cleaning products can easily bother your nose and eyes. Look for asthma and allergy friendly cleaning products to keep your home clean and your nose happy this season.
  • Dust off decorations – most holiday decorations spend 11 months in your attic or garage, which means that they are probably full of dust and dirt. Thoroughly clean all of your decorations before you put them up in your house.
  • Think of your furry friends – with the weather cooling down, your pets are probably spending more time indoors, which means that they are bringing in more dirt and dander. Brush and wipe your dog at least once a day, and bathe them as often as necessary.
  • Check your gifts – many gifts can be treated with chemicals to keep them looking their best at the store. Wash any new clothes and wipe down new toys before allowing your children to play with them to breathe a little easier.

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