September is Food Safety Month!

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

The month of September not only marks the end of summer and Life Insurance Awareness Month, but National Food Safety Month is also celebrated in September! During its 20th year of celebration, National Food Safety Month is an educational awareness effort that promotes safe food handling and serving. Throughout the entire month, organizations go above and beyond to inform individuals of the importance of food safety. Sadly, many individuals are unaware of proper and safe food handling, including:

  • Despite popular belief, food poisoning is not just an upset stomach that you have to tough out. Foodborne illnesses are serious and can even have fatal consequences if ignored.
  • Many homeowners wrongly assume that it is safe to let their meat thaw on the counter. In actuality, you should never thaw foods openly at room temperature.
  • Are you one of the many clean fanatics that thinks the more bleach the better? Excessive use of bleach is disadvantageous and unnecessary.
  • No matter what, clean all produce! Many individuals wrongly skip the cleaning process if they are going to be peeling the fruit or vegetable. It is unnecessary to clean your produce with any soap or detergent, however. Many soaps and detergents are not safe for consumption.
  • Many individuals believe that they are eliminating their chances of food poisoning by rinsing their meat, poultry, or seafood in the sink first. However, chances are that you are actually spreading bacteria onto other surfaces, increasing your chances of contracting a foodborne illness.
  • While you may assume that all leftovers are fair game until they start to look or smell bad, chances are that the bacteria that causes foodborne illnesses will not change the look or smell of your leftovers.

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