For A Safe And Happy Fall Season…

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Whenever the seasons change, it is always important to set aside a few minutes to take care of personal health, or your home to make sure both are adequately protected! Here are a few tips to prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming fall season!

  • Go get the flu vaccine! Along with fall comes cold and flu season! With that being said, it is important to do all you can to prevent yourself from feeling under the weather.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly, and constantly during the day. This will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.
  • If you end up getting sick, take your sick days! Staying at the office will only spread the virus or bacteria to the other employees.
  • Dress for the weather!
  • Is your yard full of leaves already? If you are planning to rake them, remember to rake with your back straight, and upright. This will stop you from waking up with pesky back pain the following day.
  • When a garbage bag of leaves is full, remember to always lift it with your knees. Lifting with your back can cause serious back injuries.
  • Check your smoke detectors to make sure all of the batteries still work.
  • Try out your heater before the temperatures get very cold. That way, if there is a problem you can fix it before you really need heat.
  • Remove any flammable materials from the area around your furnace.
  • Never leave space heaters on when you leave the house!
  • Hire a professional chimney sweep to clear out the soot and creosote before you have your first fire.
  • Thoroughly remove the built up lint from your clothes dryer vent!

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