Miramonte High-School Students Express Importance of School Safety

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Two inspiring students from Miramonte High School have decided to address school safety issues and implement the necessary actions to make school a safer place. Stephen Schmidt (class of 2017) and Nick Coufal (class of 2014) speak up about extremely real issues happening on school campuses nationwide.

Stephen Schmidt wanted his Eagle Scout project to “make a difference” and in light of recent school shootings and natural disasters. Upon learning that first responders are now requesting directional help to isolate incidents to a specific area on campus, he designed the “Compass Rose” to identify direction and improve response time. The Compass Rose is now painted at seven strategic sites at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School to educate students the four directional points of a compass; North, East, South and West.  Schmidt continues to “drive the initiative” by educating the community of his vision to paint Compass Roses on all campuses in Lamorinda.

Nick Coufal launched an anti-bullying movement as promised in his student-body campaign. While on a river rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, Coufal learned his sister was cyber-bullied and took immediate action. His first step toward protecting peers was posting the story on various media outlets which in turn increased support for his sister and caused the fraudulent website and appalling posts to be deleted. Coufal’s next step– purchasing an anti-bullying video and educational kit — took this movement campus-wide and set a more positive  tone for the new school year and future years at Miramonte  and surrounding community.