7 Steps For A More Relaxing Home!

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

With a house full of kids, work, and extracurricular activities, many of you may be dying for a little peace and quiet! Forget spending hundreds of dollars on a spa day, or a weekend away! Follow these simple tips for making your home a relaxing, and peaceful sanctuary!

  • Get rid of the clutter! With a cluttered home comes a cluttered mind! Take a few minutes to straighten up, and you will feel much more energetic. If you are feeling up to it, think about cleaning out a closet, and donating items you no longer use to Goodwill!
  • Hide the remote for a while, or change the location of your television. By moving your TV out of your living room, your mind will be able to separate from the craziness taking place on the screen.
  • Turn up the tunes! Find a classical radio station that does not play commercials, and keep it at a low noise level. Sit back, and watch how easy it now is for you to relax!
  • If you live near a busy street that is always causing irritating noise, consider purchasing heavy drapes or rugs that will help to absorb the sound!
  • Bask in a bath! Regardless of whether or not you have a state-of-the-art Jacuzzi tub, you can create your own soothing space using candles, and bath salts!
  • Paint a few walls in your house blue! This color is scientifically proven to be more calming than others.
  • Be sure to have a few dim light source options throughout your home. You should be able to turn down the bright overhead lights and relax while still having enough light to read a good book.

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