Hodgepodge Crafts in Martinez

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Hodgepodge Crafts Contra Costa CA

Check out this arts and crafts event in Martinez, California!

Looking for an activity to do with the kids? The city Martinez presents Hodgepodge Crafts. It’s the perfect after school activity to keep your kids engaged and creative.

When: January 20, 2016

Time: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Where: Rankin Aquatic Center, 100 Buckley Street

Has your child ever wanted to learn to make friendship bracelets? Or has your child ever lost their house key when coming home from school? Or has your child ever wanted to join the circus? This event will teach your kids all about craft making. They’ll learn how to weave a bracelet, make an animal lanyard, or tie balloon animals, flowers, and hats. Be aware that only one craft will be made due to time constraints. The craft made during the session will depend upon what craft the group wants to make.

Designed for third to seventh graders, it’s the perfect after school activity. Complete with plenty of snacks, the class is $10 and will include all food and supplies, with the exception of a loom. If you have a loom, please bring your own. Only bands will be supplied.

To register for this event, please visit the city of Martinez website.

For more information about Hodgepodge Crafts, contact All About Contra Costa, your local community forum.