Keep the Contra Costa Community Secure With These Halloween Safety Tips

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Halloween Safety Tips for the Contra Costa Community

Check out these Halloween safety tips to keep you kids safe all night long!

It’s time to put the finishing touches on your decorations, buy your Halloween candy, and get your kids’ costumes ready. It’s time for Halloween! But, along with all the fun comes responsibility. Ensure that your kids are aware of these Halloween safety tips.

Find a Buddy.

When out trick-or-treating, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and run off. But, running off can get your child into a dangerous situation. Ensure that your child knows to pick a buddy to trick-or-treat with. Fortunately, there’s safety in numbers. That way you can rest a little easier that your child stays safe on Halloween night.

Adult Supervision is Important.

It’s important that there’s plenty of adult supervision when your kids go trick-or-treating. That way an adult can step in if there’s an issue. Plus, remind your child that they need to be wary of strangers. Ensure that your child understands that they should never enter a home under any circumstances.

Be Wary of Cars.

It’s dark on Halloween. With so many kids roaming the streets, traffic accidents aren’t uncommon. Add reflective tape to your child’s costume to ensure that they’re visible. Also, remind your child that they must look both ways before the cross the street.

Inspect Your Candy.

Before you let your kids dig in to their Halloween candy, ensure that there aren’t any open wrapper or homemade treats. Toss any candies that look suspicious so that you can keep your kids safe.

Have a safe and happy Halloween! Ensure that you keep your kids safe, and help Contra Costa County improve the safety of the community. Contact All About Contra Costa, your local community forum for more information.