Halloween Home Safety For Everyone

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Tips to safely enjoy Halloween.

Now that your Halloween decorations are up and you have picked out the perfect costume, all you have to do is wait for the holiday to get here. With all the excitement that surrounds Halloween, it is easy to throw caution to the wind. To ensure that you can fully and safely enjoy the holiday, keep these Halloween home safety tips in mind.

  • Keep trick or treaters safe – keep your walkway, steps, and porch free of debris so trick or treaters do not trip on their way to your candy bowl. Check to ensure that your Halloween decorations are not a hazard.
  • Light up your walkway – you don’t have to wait until December to pull out your Christmas lights. Use your lights to light up your walkway. Not only will it help to keep kids safe, but it will also help them stay on the walkway instead of trampling through your yard.
  • Lock up your pets – while Halloween can be fun for people, it can be very scary for pets. Keeping your furry friends safely locked away in a bedroom or back portion of your house can help to make sure that they do not try to bolt out the door when you open it up for trick or treaters.
  • Don’t create a fire hazard – jack o lanterns are a Halloween staple. They can also cause a dangerous fire. Instead of using a candle to keep your pumpkin glowing, use flameless candles or glow sticks.

For more tips on how to avoid any dangerous “tricks” this Halloween, contact All About Contra Costa, your local community forum.