Are You El Nino Ready?

Featured Author: Contra Costa Living Blog Team

Use these guidelines to help get your house ready for El Nino.

If you have been listening to the news, you most likely know about the monster El Nino that is expected to hit California later this year. While the heavy rainfall that is expected is great news in the current drought, it can also bring serious issues if you are not ready.

With the various wildfires that ravaged the state in the past couple of years, the threat of serious mudslides and flash floods during the rain is very high. The heavy rains that are expected to hit the state also have the ability to cause serious damage to your house if you do not take the right steps to prepare. Simple tasks such as clearing out your rain gutters and installing weather stripping around all your doors and windows will help to keep your house safe.

Before the storm hits, you should also hire a professional to take a look at your roof and make any necessary repairs. Ensuring that your roof is sealed tightly and that it doesn’t have any missing or damaged shingles will work best to keep your house warm and dry.

When it comes to your landscaping, turn off the timer on your irrigation system. The heavy rains should be enough to sustain your landscaping throughout the season. If you still feel that your plants need some extra attention, cut down the number of days that you water. If you were previously watering twice a week, cut down to just once.

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